DU Twitter scavenger hunt (2019)

Over the past week I spent time taking pictures and videos of what I think makes the community in which I live unique. I then posted them all on Twitter using the  hashtag #DUstories for all my tweets. Read below to find out what is cool about my school and the amazing city of Denver.

(This is my second time completing the scavenger hunt. Check out the one I did in 2017!)

That’s the spirit!

The University of Denver is home to many proud Pioneers who like to show their school spirit. Here is a DU hockey fan that came to support his peers on the ice. Go Pios!


Looking around campus for something good to help quench your thirst?

The University of Denver includes multiple filtered water fountains around campus. What’s a better place to have a source of nice cold water than in the gym?


Professor on the street

Many people have an opinion about the role social media plays in today’s society. Have you ever asked your teacher what they think? Here is my international studies professor’s opinion on the matter.


There’s a lot to be excited about this year!

This DU student is very excited for the school year because of study abroad, one of the many wonderful opportunities the university offers. In February, she will find out if she got accepted to a program in Spain.


We “du” excel academically.

The University of Denver embraces its academic excellence by providing various learning facilites, such as the Anderson Academic Commons (our library), where students can conduct cutting-edge research.


It may be cold outside, but it’s getting hot in here!

Visit the Coors Fitness Center and keep yourself in shape throughout the winter with the newly established equipment at the gym. I guarantee you won’t be the only one there!


What in town is more scenic than the DU Ritchie Center? Iconic!

Spot DU from miles away. Whether it is shining gold during the day or glowing yellow at night, the Ritchie Center is the most beautiful structure on campus.


Nine time national champs in 2019? Maybe not…

The Denver Pioneers men’s ice hockey team is tied for second in all-time NCAA National Hockey Championships with eight championship wins. Will they win another one this year? Here is the prediction of a knowledgable hockey fan.


Never be bored at DU

The university offers a variety of club sports, student organizations, intramural sports, and daily events for students. This allows students to stay engaged with their community while having a lot of fun.


Colorado likes to stay active, but we also love to sit down and observe our art.

A newly found local art agency, 73 Art Agency, represents beautiful pieces from a selection of artists. Their next show is January 27th at Tower Colorado in Denver (not too far from DU).


My classmates mentioned more reasons why our community is so cool. These are my favorites. 

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