The art of the outdoor runway

Photo by Arnold Jerocki

(Written for Edward Joiner)

Would you rather sit through a fashion show in a dark, cold room with fluorescent lights or be outside in fresh air and natural lighting? Outdoor fashion shows have gained popularity in recent years, and we are big fans of it. Hosting shows in the outdoors allows for a scenery that could otherwise not be achieved or recreated. In this article, we share our favorite outdoor fashion shows from the past few years.

Yeezy Spring 2017 Fashion Show on Roosevelt Island, New York City

Leanne Italie
Photo by Leanne Italie
Photo by Bryan Bedder

This show gives off the feeling of a day at the park, which is both fun and relaxing. It also displayed the beauty of the human form with models that stood in place at the center of the runway, while others walked exhibiting the collection items. We really appreciated the effort for diversity in this show. There was a large variety of hair styles, colors, and textures. The mixture of neutral tones, natural looks, and the fact that it was outdoors gave this show a very organic feel.

Virgil Abloh Men’s Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Show in Paris

peter white
Photo by Peter White
Photo by Bertrand Guay

This show gained a lot of attention in 2019, primarily due to the fact that this was Virgil’s first collection for Louis Vuitton. However, we were also very intrigued by the venue of the show. Located in the gardens of the Palais Royal, the show radiated very Parisian vibes. The lines of trees in the garden acted as the perfect aisle for the rainbow-colored runway, which wonderfully welcomed all colors, nationalities, identities, and generations.

Jacquemus Spring 2020 Fashion Show in Valensole, France

Photo by Arnold Jerocki

This may be our favorite show from this list, because it was done in the lavender fields of Southern France. As many of you know, the South of France is a place we hold dearly at Edward Joiner and has been an inspiration for the brand since its beginning. This show is a beautiful display of the region’s scenery. There was no better way to exhibit the colorful, vibrant, and happy summer feeling of this collection.

Jacquemus Spring 2021 Fashion Show in Vexin Regional National Park, France

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain

This is another Jacquemus show that really stood out to us. Similar to the Spring 2020 show, models walked through barley fields in Vexin Regional National Park, which is located an hour north west of Paris. Because this show occurred during the pandemic, guests were seated apart from each other within the barley. The diversity of the models, in addition to the earth tones and wooden runway made for a very natural atmosphere. Jacquemus continues to display France’s beautiful landscapes in his shows, and we can not wait to see where his next show will be located.

Reese Cooper Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Show in California

Photo from Reese Cooper Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Show Video

This may be the most unique show we have seen, because unlike the other shows in this list, this one did not have an actual runway platform. Instead, a stream of water acted as the runway, and the models walked along the stream to showcase the collection. The incorporation of water and the outdoors in this show was very refreshing, especially since it occurred during a time when we were all stuck at home due to COVID-19. We loved this show so much that we wrote a featured article about it here.

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