The art of the outdoor runway

Photo by Arnold Jerocki

(Written for Edward Joiner)

Would you rather sit through a fashion show in a dark, cold room with fluorescent lights or be outside in fresh air and natural lighting? Outdoor fashion shows have gained popularity in recent years, and we are big fans of it. Hosting shows in the outdoors allows for a scenery that could otherwise not be achieved or recreated. In this article, we share our favorite outdoor fashion shows from the past few years.

The most sustainable country for fashion

Pont d’Avignon
Photo by Lauren Zurcher

Child labor. Environmental pollutants. Exploitation. Greed. Words associated with the fashion industry? You better believe it. Fashion houses hurt our world more than you can imagine, but now, some nations are fighting back. This article looks at which country leads the way in sustainable fashion.

6 ways to be a more environmentally conscious fashion consumer

Photo by Lauren Zurcher

We are all guilty of having consumed fast fashion items at some point in our lives, however, many of us are starting to realize the inhumane practices within the industry and understand how much of a negative impact fast fashion has on our planet and people. So, now what? This article presents six specific ways you can become a more environmentally conscious fashion consumer.