The art of the outdoor runway

Photo by Arnold Jerocki

(Written for Edward Joiner)

Would you rather sit through a fashion show in a dark, cold room with fluorescent lights or be outside in fresh air and natural lighting? Outdoor fashion shows have gained popularity in recent years, and we are big fans of it. Hosting shows in the outdoors allows for a scenery that could otherwise not be achieved or recreated. In this article, we share our favorite outdoor fashion shows from the past few years.

Tricia Boone shares insights on an art agent’s life

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Tricia Boone

Centennial, CO — Tricia Boone is the co-founder and co-owner of 73 Art Agency. Based in Colorado, the agency was started in 2015 to pursue the desire to “bring beautiful art to the general public and to help emerging artists with visibility,” as described on their website. This global and multi-faceted creative agency specializes in visual arts. 73 Art Agency’s mission is “to keep original art alive and celebrated in every home”.